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1) Marquis Diamond at ParkPlace ( Red / White Parti )  X Namaste Kiss & Tell at Marquis Diamond (Red / White Parti ) delivered a litter

of SIX on May 15, 2019.  Ready for new homes July 12, 2019 and thereafter.  * Red and White parti Males and Females AVAILABLE.

2) Marquis Diamond Louisville Slugger (  Silver )  X Marquis Diamond Better off Blue ( Blue ).  Our black and blue litter of seven pups

arrived May 17, 2019; ready for new homes July 19, 2019 and thereafter.  ** Blue & Black Puppies, Males and Females AVAILABLE.

3) AM CH Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda (Brown) X Marquis Diamond Still Waters Run Deep From Poodle Sense ( Brown) confirmed pups due, all Brown Colors expected May 27, 2019.  Wanda’s ultra sound appt at KLAICH Clinic, Dr Allen DVM confirmed we are expecting puppies!

Please feel free to contact us via Email or Telecom at (530) 253-2219 for more information on our pups to be.


MOM / DAM OF THE LITTER:          

Our RED and WHITE parti Puppies arrived May 12, 2019.     Our Red & White Standard Poodles,  Namaste Kiss  Tell at Marquis Diamond 

(Abby) X  Marquis Diamond at Park Place (Parker) have given us Males and Females in Red and White and the pattern in the colors are

coming thru and looking amazing.   Our pups are ready for new homes July 12, 2019 and thereafter.   Pups are Microchipped,  will receive

age-appropriate vaccines and are placed with a full layette, new bed and food pack.   They will be Temperment tested Via Volhard method

and fully Vetted prior to placement.   

** This is our FIRST Parti Litter born to Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles and it has been an exciting experience.   FIFTY YEARS ago, My

Mother, Helen and Ginger Toppa, friend of the Family,  BRED a White Mini poodle X a Black Mini Poodle and SEVEN pups came to be SIX

were Black and White parti marked.... 1969 and a real suprise.   2019,  the next generation, We have bred our SECOND parti group and

these kids are it... RED and WHITE .   So fun !  

Both Parents for our Parti Litter are PRA RCD (4) CLEAR,  CAER/ CERF Normal and OPTI GEN A CLEAR.   FULL genetic testing panel

completed on our Parents to be.   We are accepting reservations for our pups now.

Here’s some pictures of previous pups:    

Questions can be Emailed or directed via telecom at (530) 253-2219.  Keep following us on Facebook for Updated info as it unfolds , , ,



We have exciting litter plans for our AKC Champion Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda (Brown)  X Marquis Diamond Still Waters Run

Deep from Poodle Sense (Brown).   CH Wanda X Cole have been bred and are due for a litter of Brown Kids Late May 2019 for July/August


Please Email or contact us via telecom at (530) 253-2219 for info on our litter to be.   Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on our

exciting breeding places and poodle accomplishments!


Based on many changes in the airline rules for shipping live cargo / canine, we have decided to use only airports that offer a cargo office with experienced shipping agents that understand the various rules for each airline and what it takes to ship live cargo safely. We work well with the GAT/ Ground Transport Office in Sacramento CALIFORNIA/ 6701 Lindbergh Drive , Sac CA 95837,  Current Cargo Manager is Christopher Sanders .    This office is on the grounds of SMF, Sacramento Airport.     They are well informed on shipping process and VERY HELPFUL.     This is a 400 Mile round trip from our home and takes a full DAY away from our line up. FEES to Ship in a 300 CRATE can run $450.00  in addition to the cost of a puppy or teen standard poodle.  If the crate size increases, the fees go up based on cost of the crate.    All receipts are available for review.  We try to keep these costs actual. We  will not ship any standard poodle in a crate over a 400 cubic inch size.    NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to Include CANADA.   We do not ship to HAWAII or ALASKA.   Should transit on an Airline be requested,  there is an additional FEE of $100.00 required for time , travel and booking fees by Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.  Airline Carry on of a live pet is by special bag carrier and the pup must not exceed 15 pounds which is approx. TEN weeks of age. ** We RATHER NOT SHIP BY COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PROCESS and ALL  ARE WELCOME IN OUR HOME FOR PUPPY PICK UP.   We can also travel to meet customers based on our schedule.   Delivery may also be arranged based on distance from our home.   Transit fees will apply.   For questions on Shipping and/or Delivery of a puppy, please contact us via Email or Telecom at (530) 253-2219.  


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