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Puppy and Older Dog Placement Information FALL 2018!

We currently have placed all of our younger puppies and will soon publish our breeding plan for 2019 by Color and timing for all that have contacted us for interest for future puppies from Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.   We have some fun color ideas blooming for 2019. We have held back puppies we have deemed show propects and have not checked with our handlers on what availability they have for us for their  2019 show ciruct and what pups will make the cut. When we have made our final choice on our show line up,  we will post pups that will not stay with us for companion placement consideration in Silver and/or Blue, Male/ Female.   We are crate and leash training them now, doing some traveling with them in common carrier (Van) and working with them thru Oct / Nov 2018.   If anyone has interest in pups M and F of these colors, older kids, please feel free to email at SuzysPamperedPets@Frontiernet.net or contact us via telecom at (530) 253-2219.   We are always fielding contacts for puppy interest.   Thank you,  Brian and Susan Cook, MDSP's and Brittanys.  


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