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               Our Marquis Diamond Louie (Silver)  X Marquis Diamond Mardi Gras (White)  delivered a large, healthy litter on May 10, 2018.    Males should reach 23 to 24 inches at the shoulders and Females 22 to 23.  As of AUGUST 6, 2018,  We have 3 pups available for companion / performance homes:    Blue Female,  White Male and Blue Male.    They are 12 weeks old and have received all UTD age appropriate Vaccines.   They are ready for their new homes now.  Please contact us for interest on a companion puppy and more info on prental Health Testing and any additional information needed by email at SuzysPamperedPets@Frontiernet.net or Telecom at  (530) 253-2219.        


              We have a litter of SIX BROWN Standard Poodle Puppies to place as companions/pets.     The pedigree for the Sire and Dam, Cole X Danni are posted for review by clicking on these links.     Cole is OFA Excellent Hips and Danni is OFA Good Hips.   Neither Parent carry DNA markers for DM/NEwS/vWD/MACRO or PRA/RCD (4).   Each puppy is Clear By Parentage for these Disease markers.  The parent standard Poodles have been DNA tested for the UCDavis Genetic Diversity Markers and have Health panels completed by our breeder Vet , Dr Bob Nelson DVM, Nelson Vet Services, Chester CA.  Each puppy has been Well Puppy Checked by Dr Nelson, Nelson Vet services, Chester CA on July 27, 2018 and have been given AGE APPROPRIATE Vaccines,  Merial company/ Recombetek Brand- DHP and Bordatella Orals.   These pups have been Temperment tested and run on Wing pass returns on live bait wing/ Phesent..  Each pup has a spread sheet for temperment and working score.         Each pup has been AVID  microchipped, comes with a full file folder with parental testing materials and specific Health information as well as basic care info and feeding guidelines.   Each pup comes with a starter Layette and food pack. The updated pictures of each pup taken at WEEK 8  JULY 30 2018 , frontal view and one wing pass run (pictured working a live bait wing) is posted for review.    Please contact us via email at SuzysPamperedPets@Frontiernet.net or Telecom at  (530) 253-2219 for more info, test score info , etc.   These pups should reach approx 22 to 24 inches in height at the shoulders and approx 50 pound range.   They are NOT RAW FED puppies. ** These puppies must be Chosen and  picked up at our home and will not be shipped.   They are $ 1000.00 USA Funds and NO AKC REGISTRATION PAPERS WILL GO WITH THESE PLACEMENTS.   Both parents are AKC registered and these pups are the product of each parent posted.    This was a co bred litter and due to an administrative GLITCH,  the registration for the litter HAS NOT OCCURED and we cannot count on the fact they will be so they are PRICED TO PLACE NOW as companion PETS only.   There are 4 MALES and 2 FEMALES in the group.  ** They are very nice pups,  great temperments and Volhard scores in the 3 and 3/4 ranges.    Our Email Address is at SuzysPamperedPets@Frontiernet.net.    Our Telephone number is ( 530 ) 253-2219.   Puppies in this group are being placed on a first come, first serve placement.


             We are accepting waiting list contacts for our puppies by email or telecom (530-253-2219).   We  DO NOT accept deposits before our puppies arrive.  When our babies are here, they are vet checked, tails/dewclaws removed, exams accomplished, and contacts from our waiting list  are made.   At that time, a deposit to hold a puppy is accepted. Our puppies are AKC registerable, Avid Microchip implanted, prepaid Microchip registrations, full health file/info package for each pup, Temperment testing by Volhard/Wing pass completed in Week # 7 and individual report cards are completed for each pup.  Full Puppy starter Layette, new bed  and  Food Kit (Raw/Processed Foods-Raw Bones) are given with each puppy.  Full Vet checks of each puppy are completed  (with age appropriate vaccinations)  in Week # 7 before our puppies go to their new homes.  Above are pictures of our Puppy Food/Raw Bone Packs and Layette Baskets.  OUR PUPPIES AND ADULTS ARE RAW FED.  We grind our own food products for our line up and we are in our 11th year for this process.  Refer to our RAW FOOD PAGE for more information.  


           We are often asked about Vaccines, Preventative care for Flea /Tick /Heartworm and Alternate food sources for our pups.    Just some updated information: We dock tails and remove dew claws from our pups.  This is done at 3 days of age.  Avid Microchips are implanted at the same visit.    * We DO NOT allow choice for pup families to purchase natural tails on their pups as the docks are surgically accomplished by our Breeder Vet, Dr. Bob Nelson, Nelson Vet Services in Chester CA (530) 258-7264.  Leaving one pup undocked on a request would lock in a sale of a specific pup and  if a purchase for a pup with an undocked tail is cancelled by either party, we do not want to dock tails on older pups.  Full vet Wellness Check is completed for each pup at Week 7-1/2.  Any surgical needs for cosmetic issues (teeth removal/umbilical hernia closures), insurance of proper heart sounds (ID of possible Murmours Grade I/II/II), health certificates for travel, etc are accomplished by this timeframe and are documented for the pup health files. VACCINES are administered in our pups begining at week # 6. o We use and recommend the MERIAL Company 4 in 1 RECOMBETEK/Canary Pox Vector Vaccine for weeks 6 / 9 / 12 and 15. The vaccines contain: Distemper/Adenovirus/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus preventatives. *Our RECOMBETEKVaccine  series are ordered and overseen by our Breeder Vet, Dr Nelson. o Kennel Cough vaccine by NOSE DROP application  by the Intervet company for Adenovirus/Parainfluenza/Bordetella is administered  at week # 7.  *Also overseen by Dr Bob Nelson, DVM. PREVENTATIVES for FLEA/TICK and HEARTWORM are provided on a single dose trial pack which we provide for each pup on request.  The preventatives are provided by our Breeder Vet/Dr Nelson, Nelson Vet services, CHESTER CA and Lassen Vet Services SUSANVILLE, CA.  These are compliments of  Dr Bob Nelson. DVM.  (530) 258- 7264 OR (530) 257- 6311. We are RAW Feeders at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles and our pups go out with a Full Raw Food kit.   Many do not want to continue a raw feeding program and we are now able to offer a full protein sourced dehydrated meal plan by Honest Kitchen.     We carry a line of pup products both  in Grain Free Turkey, Grain Free Beef and Chicken with a Grain Source added.   We make our raw food grind in house,  carry Canidae and  The Honest Kitchen products  as noted below by website. We are able to offer alternate food sources for our puppies that leave to their new homes so transition is easier for the new families. We recommend review of the websites for: www.TheHonestKitchen.com: (Full Dehydrated meals and Foundation Diet plans/Treats/Supplements available) www.Canidae.com:  (Processed foods/Canned-Kibble-Treats for Pups and Adults) www.beefforpets.com www.dogstyleboutique.com www.NuVet.com:  (Tablet and Powder Vitamin supplements for K9's Breeder code: 64370)  


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