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We have regrouped our thoughts on the AKC show world and in doing so, entered some very special relationships with other poodle enthusiasts that are working toward titles other than AKC conformation. Many of our puppies are titled in AKC as Canine Good Citizens, working in assistance dog programs for therapy and service work. Some of our poodles are working toward or have achieved titles in conformation, agility, hunting and obedience. We post some of their pictures on our website and stay in close contact with their families getting updates on their progress. Standard Poodles are versatile and the possibilities of the life you will live with them are ENDLESS. We truly LOVE this breed. Standard Poodles very quickly become a loving member of the family. Please contact us via email or telecom with any questions you may have on our PUPPIES.


Marquis Diamond Quincy and his Partner, Susan Beisel of San Diego CA area are a true team. Susan came to us in late 2015 with interest in a working dog for service and a pilot project for her school district which would allow the test process for a puppy in training to accompany Susan to School and train as her service dog. I am always concerned when calls come in for Service prospects as not many of the dogs end up actually work service as a graduate and the job to make the true fit is very hard. We made a fit for Susan that was agreeable to her and gave it a try. Susan is a middle school teacher and jumped right in with a trainer, not skipping a beat. Seems as if Quincy and Susan are a team and the match was successful . Quincy has been living the life both as a working companion and having alot of down time to socialize and have some fun too We have held these pictures from his Time with Susan DAY one to present, OCT 2018 showing Quincy at class with socializing thru down time at the waterfront, flying on a commercial plane and actually WORKING when Susan had a medical need that required alot of assistance. Quincy is pictured comforting Susan when she went down ill. Quincy alerted need, Comforted his Partner Susan and waited for medical assistance to arrive. We have not had an actual updated picture in Crisis to share of one of our working service poodles and we felt it was time to post the story of our Boy and show what He has been trained to accomplish. Quincy will be featured on Television on a News Update Channel 7/ san Diego Very soon as reported by Susan B. Quincy was born JANUARY 2016 and is the Offspring of our WILLOW X AM CH Finn (Black). Quincy came to Poodle Dayz in Carmel Oct 2018 with Susan and we were able to spend time with them both and hear their journey. Many thanks to them for sharing and to Susan for coming to us and taking the chance on one of our boys for her service assistant dog. Grateful! Marquis Diamond-Mithril Remarkable Markie, MULTI-Titled Agility star and her Owner/Trainer/Handler in Midland Texas is working Markie, the Silver Star in many obstacles for Agility. This shows alot of what is done in the Agility Venue for AKC. Donna has had 3 Standard Poodles from us , Similar Linage and all are Agility and Nose work/Barn Hunt performance girls, multi titled. Markie, Diva and now, Kalie. This video shows Donna and Markie working together and is a great depiction of the FUN it is to have an agility performance Canine. The girls Markie and Diva are the Daughters of our AM CH Boulie in Silver, Our FIRST AKC Bench Champion. Kali is the daughter of our PINK and the Grand daughter of our AKC Master Hunter Remy. Donna works hard at this and is a great poodle momma! Thank you Girls!


Marquis Diamond Jump for Joy at WoodWind, CD, BN, CA, CGC, owned/trained and handled by Marci Sartor of Southern California added Canine Good Citizen to the title for Joy and they are having a great time in Agility, Lure Coursing, Rally and Obediance in the AKC Performance Venues in 2017. Joy is our silver girl from our CH Bill X Silvie . Marci has 2 silver standard Poodle girls from Marquis Diamond and the three of them are enjoying training and showing in AKC performance venues all over the state of CA and Beyond. Marci just bought her girls a new motor home and traveling has just became more fun we are told! We appreciate the dedication Marci has put into our girls and love the updates! You go GIRLS!


Our Marquis Diamond Lou Lou in Van Couver British Columbia CANADA with her Pro Handler/ Trainer: Lisa Sun at Super Dog. Lou Lou is our BIS/BISS AM GR CH Joseph X M CH Ciciley daughter in Blue performing in Agility. Lou Lou is Owned and loved by DR Wong and Wife Lisa Wong. Lou Lou is now training for her Trick performance Debut in 2018 and continuing in Agility. Thank you Lisa Wong for the update on our Girl! Special Thank You and Congratulations to Sue Dolezal, Owner/Trainer/Handler and Marquis Diamond A Knight to Remember, AKA: Issac for the latest accomplishment in their performance quest . This is just one more title for Issac with Sue at the Helm! Sue and Issac just completed their certification in Therapeutic Crisis Response Dog with the NATIONAL ANIMAL ASSISTED CRISIS REPONSE ASSOCIATION, NAACR. Sue and her poodle crew reside in the Bend Oregon area. This is the 3rd Crisis Response titled Standard Poodle for Sue and as reported, ALOT OF WORK! This certification will allow Issac to accompany Sue on National Disaster Releif Work on a Federal Level, when called upon for the task. Issac is the sibling of our latest AKC Conformation Champion Marquis Diamond Look Back Sheez Black, from our combination breeding of our AM/U GR/UCI CH Valentino X AM/U CH Neena born October 1, 2012. GREAT JOB YOU TWO! MASTER Marquis Diamond Remy, JH, SH, MH, WC, WCX completed his AKC Master Hunt title on March 15 & 16, 2014. MASTER Remy is the 12th Standard Poodle to acheive this prestigious title in the history of the AKC Hunt testing series. MASTER Remy, DOB 04/25/10, excelled in the field hunting upland game with his family and friends, moving into the AKC Hunt title process accomplishing the MASTER title before his 4th Birthday. There are 2,255 MASTER Hunt titled Labrador Retrievers and only 12 MASTER HUNT titled Standard Poodles. VERY hard performance work for a K9 and their handler/trainers. IMPRESSIVE. Yes, That boy Master Remy can HUNT. We were there in CORNING on March 15, 2014 to cheer them on. We were honored and very proud! LOTS of inquiries on the standard poodle hunters from the pro handlers. Amazing! MASTER Remy received his Junior Hunt Title in 2012 and his Senior Hunt Title in 2013. Master Remy and his Owner/Trainer/Handler, Dr. Ted de Looze began the Master hunt testing process in 2013 winning 4 CONSECUTIVE Passes to Remy's MASTER Hunt title and completing the 5th phase, March 15 & 16 2014 in Corning CA. The AKC Hunt testing was hosted by the Marin Retriever Hunt club, San Rafael CA. MASTER Remy is owned/trained/handled and Loved by Dr Ted de Looze of Portland Oregon AND Bred by Brian & Susan Cook, Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. Dr. Ted & Lezlie de Looze have been amazing poodle parents and supporters of Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles and we are appreciative. 5 of our offspring reside with the de Looze family and Friends over the last 4 years. The de Looze family have a RED girl of ours, Marquis Diamond Phoebe, WC WCX. Ms Phoebe is begining her hunt test process soon and we are excited! Many thanks to the Judges Michelle Love & Brendan Hinkle at the Hunt Tests for the Qualifying Scores in the MASTER B Flight 03/15 & 16, 2014, giving MASTER REMY his title. MASTER Remy & Dr Ted de Looze will continue the Master Hunt testing thru July 2014 with the goal of gaining a qualifying Score for acceptance into MASTER NATIONALS for 2014. Master Remy has completed his genetic Testing and is expecting his first sired litter APRIL 2, 2014. We are very hopeful for his offspring in the Field and the conformation ring. We will fly to Minnesota in June 2014 to assist Sandy grading the litter and will hopefully bring home a little one to join our poodle family at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. Stay tuned for updates! Four of our Poodles of Colour from Marquis Diamond Standards were in attendance at the Poodle Club of America Regional Specialty Hunt Tests in Salem, Oregon in September 2013. Read about their acheivements below! Marquis Diamond Phoebe, WC WCX earned both of her Working Certificates at the Regional Specialty on Sunday 09/22/13. She really rose to the occasion of a well started Huntress suprising not only her Family but the spectators that know and love her! Ms. Phoebe has been known to have a mind of her own. That sometimes poses challenges for her working career.... Phoebe is a Daughter of our U CH Davight Diamond Heart of the Ocean X Jail House Rock. Phoebe has now reached a started Huntress level and will retrieve for titles begining in 2014. Phoebe is our first RED standard Poodle to compete in the hunt series for AKC, and we could not be more proud of her. Her success should be totally credited to the family that loves and trains her, Ted, Lezlie, and Remy too! Phoebe is Owned/Trained/Conditioned/Handled and Loved by Dr. Ted & Lezlie deLooze in Portland, OREGON. Marquis Diamond Louie, WC earned his Working Certificate at the PCA Regional Specialty on Sunday 09/22/13 while enjoying the day with his people and poodle pals. Louie is a full littermate to our Remy. They live close together in OREGON, with the added benefit of having Owners/Handlers/Trainers who are best friends. Louie and Remy even hunt together out of state several times a season, accompanied by their people, Larry & Ted! Louie is the Son of our Multi-CH Marquis Diamond-DancingCloud 9 X (Pinafore) Callie's Chrome Chaos Concept. Louie is Owned/Trained/Conditioned/Handled and Loved by Dr. Larry & Karin Weber, Portland OREGON. Marquis Diamond Remy WC WCX JH SH was entered in the PCA Regional Specialty on SAT 09/21/13 to run the course, needing ONE pass to his AKC Master hunt title! Remy, although He gave it his all, did not pass that last needed test to Master! When the Handler and dog get to the Master level, it becomes a VERY rough trek as perfection is needed at this level and sometimes, that is the hardest part! Remy had a great weekend, worked as the pick up dog on Sunday and rose to the occassion as all his people and poodle pals were there! Remy is the FULL brother to Louie noted above and spends much of the hunt season out of state having a great time doing what comes natural for him! Dr deLooze has completed the Genetic testing for Remy and the results have been exceptional (review his OFA Health Record by clicking here). We have some exciting breeding plans for Remy and a couple ladies in waiting for 2014 puppies to be. We are excited and; as our breeding plans come to fruition, we will publish the information for our Remy Babies to be. Remy is the silver son of our Multi-CH Marquis Diamond-DancingCloud 9 X (Pinafore) Callie's Chrome Chaos Concept. When I met Connor, the Silver Sire of Remy and Louie, at the Pinafore line-up in Arizona, I told Penny Harney I wanted to breed to Connor someday. That dream came true and of that combination breeding, we have acheived one of our home bred silver boys that has not only a great temperment, good health but beauty & brains. We are very excited about his future in our breeding program of our silver line up! Remy is Owned/Trained/Conditioned/Handled and Loved by Dr Ted & Lezlie deLooze, Portland OREGON. We are proud to Announce Wendy Bale and MACH Johnny's Shiver me Timbers NF, aka Jack, have moved the Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles line up into another title Acheivement in AKC Performance, September 2012. We now have produced our first MACH title in Agility. MACH Jack comes from our early Silver Pinafore Foundation and we are sure proud! Many congrats to Wendy Bale of Wisconsin and her boy Jack; Not to Forget VICTOR TOO!!! Wendy has 2 of our boys and is going strong in Agility. We know Centurian level is coming Wendy and Jack!!! DO U ALL KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS TO ACHEIVE??? Keep us posted! AWESOME!!!! Times with our working dogs get very exciting when they explore new venues and EXCEL. This is our BIG RED BOY, Marquis Diamond Barberosa Matthews. Barberosa was born December 2009 and is from our KidRoc (RED) X Rubee (RED). When Marion Matthews and her husband contacted us about a RED working standard Poodle, we thought that was gonna be fun. We have NO idea what they had in store for this little RED guy. Marion is in Law enforcement as is her hubby and they both have a drive for Search and Rescue. Marion and Barberosa are in training and under number # 852, Barberosa is working and excelling in Search and Rescue. Barberosa has begun Helicopter work and is doing very well. August 6, 2011, a trail was set the previous 24 hours and the track was set at 1.7 miles. Barberosa successfully tracked and located the missing person and gets better and better at his job as time goes on. The CARDA association, California Rescue Dog Association, is very serious about its training and ability to produce finished rescue canines and their partners. Barberosa is an apprentice and is going strong toward his trade with his handler and owner, Marion Matthews. Barberosa trains in the bay area of Northern California and is very motivated per his handler , Marion. For more information on the CARDA program, go to We are very proud of Barberosa and very greatful for the work , training and love the Mathews have invested in our boy. This is just one more feather in the cap for the Standard Poodle Breed. They CAN do anything asked of them and ARE good at it. We are looking forward to Barberosa gaining his journeyman status as a finished RESCUE CARDA dog!